June 2nd, 2005
Alexandria & Roberto
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Congratulations on your engagement & thank you for your interest in getting a quote from us.

In order to process your request and provide you with a quote that is as accurate as possible, we need you to provide us with as much
information as you can.

To request a quote by e-mail, please fill out the form below.

We welcome the idea to meet in person & further customize a wedding package that works best for you.       We advise you to set up an
appointment from Monday - Friday 9:00am to 8:30pm or Sunday from 10:00am to 3:00pm.  Call (323) 262-9238 to check availability on Saturday
appointments.  We can always work something out to accommodate your schedule.  

We have several wedding books with samples that you can view to give you ideas.  We can also provide you with pictures of our own work.  

If you'd like an actual sample of your wedding centerpiece, or any other sample before you reserve your date with us, you're welcomed to
purchase one from us.  If you reserve your wedding date with us one year in advance, then you get to see a free sample a year in advance.  
Please keep in mind that not all flowers will be available at certain months, & that some might cost more than on your actual wedding date.  
This is why we provide you with free picture wedding samples from our several books.  You get to see a free sample of the centerpiece the
same week of your wedding date, when you reserve your date less than a year in advance.  If flowers are in season, then you get to see a
sample a few months before.

When you come in for an appointment, please come in with a budget worked out so we can help you best.  If you do not know how to put
together a budget for your wedding flowers, we will help you.  

Please keep in mind that flowers cost more during the months of January, February, May, June, November, December, & during holidays.  
Some colors may cost more than others, depending on the type of flower & month.

Please come in with a realistic budget.  What we mean by this is don't expect to get miniature calla lilies, roses, lily of the valley, stephanotis,
tulips, peonis, orchids, hydrangeas or tropical flowers on a carnation budget.  For example, a dozen carnations hand tied with ribbon about
$18.00 + tax (call for pricing), a 10 miniature calla lily bouquet wrapped in ribbon about $50.00 + tax  (call for pricing)

Describing your floral taste as simple, doesn't always mean it's more affordable.  Also remember, that just because flowers are in season, that
doesn't mean that they are affordable, it just means that they cost a bit less than when they are not in season.  We can help you with this.  
That's why we can not tell you how important it is to have a budget worked out.  

Ask yourself, how much am I willing to spend on my bouquet?  How much am I willing to spend on my maid of honor bouquet?  How much can I
spend on my bridesmaid bouquets.  How much do I want to spend on boutonnieres & corsages.  

We have a wholesale catalog available for vases, & we are willing to pass the savings on to you, for those of you who think that you will be
saving more if you buy your own vases elsewhere & bring them to us, check with us first.  Most florists will never think of doing this, but we
will because we want your business & we want you to save money, & hopefully recommend us to other couples that are looking for affordable,
beautiful flowers.  We can do most any kind of arrangement & if we know we can not create it, we will tell you so.  You are always welcomed to
bring your own vases if you wish to do so.

We recommend that you book your wedding flower date with 12 month advance notice because our calender tends to book fast.  

We also recommend that you bring magazine pages, printed sheets of flower arrangements you see on-line, or anything that can help us
visualize what your style of flowers are.  Please keep in mind that once you book the date with a down payment, it would be a good idea if you
leave these pages with us as a reference, & that you will not get these back, so if you'd like a copy please make one for yourself.  

When you give the down payment, we hold the date for you.  With no down payment there's no guarantee that we will be available for your
wedding date.   

If you have any material swatch that you can also bring, this is very helpful as colors change in picture.

Have a list with names of your maid of honor, bride's maids, flower girls, ring bearer, groomsmen, ushers, any out of town guests that you'd like
any corsages or boutonnieres for, any grandparents that will be attending that you'd like to get flowers for, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters,
uncles, aunts, or any other special guest that you'd like flowers for.  

If you will be needing isle runners, (or rose petals for isle), please know the length you will need the isle runner to be.  We are an authorized
dealer for http://www.originalrunners.com, so if you'd like a customized runner, we can order one for you, & then put it on for you at your
ceremony & then remove it for you.

If you will be using candles in any of your arrangements please check if they allow it at the ceremony or reception venue.

Please check at the locations what will be the very earliest time we will be able to deliver & set up flowers.

You can save on the delivery or/and set up fee if you have a friend or family member pick up the flowers for you, deliver them & set them at
locations, but we don't recommend it & are not responsible for anything, once it leaves our shop, without us.  For example, if they are late, or if
something breaks during transportation.

We look forward to working with you & making your wedding day flowers a beautiful work of art that will keep your guests complementing not
only how beautiful you look, but what a good job your florist did.

Thank you.


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